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Art Music Life Wellness Services

I love helping people! It has been a passion for all of my adult life. People often ask me how it is that I do so many things! My usual response is "I am never bored and always having fun!".

I am always creating and it is what I love to do. Yes, I am an artist, musician, dancer, knitter, fiber artist, photographer, graphic artist, music publisher, music business consultant, yada yada... I am always creating. I am also a mental health and wellness professional, life coach, meditation teacher, counselor, mentor, and advocate, and I never stop learning about how to simply BE in the world with as little suffering as possible. These unique skills blend into me being one awesome helper! 

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Music Business Consulting

Questions about self-publishing, copyrights, distribution, playlists, promotion, press releases, creative concerns... I am here for you!

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Watercolor Meditations

Available for facilitation group or individual watercolor mindfulness meditation sessions! Self-Love painting sessions, or other creative painting healing sessions.

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Artistic Services

Photography, music videos, graphic design, social media content, youtube channel support, fine art renderings...


What We Do:

Everyone needs help from time to time...

Figuring out logistics and how to do this and how to do that... I know! From working in mental health and community support programs for nearly 20 years, I am familiar with how difficult it is to navigate health care, mental health needs, substance abuse and Substance use disorder, and sometimes we just need someone to talk to that can point us in the right direction. That person is ME! Send me a message for your free consultation about your questions and needs.

"Love and laughter are the gems of living. I enjoy bringing people together to experience these gems.

It is my greatest joy to teach, dance, sing, cry, and most of all, love."

― Suzi Humbert

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