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Suzi is an Artist of many disciplines and talents. She is a constant fireball of engery, putting all her love into whatever task is in front of her.


Born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Suzi studied dance, art, and music. She plays several instruments, mainly guitar and singing. She has a deep love of folk music, blues, rock, country and r&b. She is deeply influenced by Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette, Beth Hart, and Lisa Gerrard to name a few. 


She has taught stress reducion, music, singing, dance, and yoga to children and adults in the SF Bay and Santa Cruz Area.

Currently, Suzi is exploring her roots with the art of watercolor, utilizing the primary colors and using free flowing techniques.  


She has sat 200 hours in teacher training, learning to facilitate Mindfulness meditation practice. Suzi has served in the mental health counseling field for over 14 years. She currently holds a MHRS certificate. 


In her spare time, she is also writing a few books:

Holding Space, a semi autobiographical journey through the process of integrating mindfullness meditation, healing, and expression into daily life.

Healing the Heart Space, a therapeutic art workbook for transitioning through emotional pain. 

Women's Support, a practitioners guide to facilitating and holding a therapeutic and healing emotional space for women.


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