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It feels so good to bring your idea into the world, and it can be so frustrating when it seems you cannot make it work.


Heartspace Creations & Consulting aims to help you realize and finish your project, so you can move on to the next one.


Finishing allows your star to shine bright in your professional and personal world.

take control of your



Restore Your Creative Mojo


Regain​ Balance, 

Health, Wellness, Communication, & Inspiration

stop feeling stuck...
Begin and

Jumpstart your next project with creative fire! Heartspace Creations & Consulting is ready to bring your creativity to its peak with individual crafted and detailed plan to accomplish your goal.

Feeling stuck?

Let us help guide your path into the land of finishing.

How do we do it?

It all starts with the free consultation to arrive at your goals. Next, a detailed plan will be crafted quickly, thoroughly, and with attention to all necessary details to motivate and launch you on your journey.

1 session, multiple sessions, on-going consultation,

we will find the right tools to get you on your way.

Need a photo-shoot? Graphic design? Website? Project timeline? Venting frustration? Dirty House, dirty car? Scheduling help? Babysitter?


Lets arrive at the solution and let us get you unstuck

by connecting to your inspirational muse.

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"I am an abstract artist in the Bay Area. I initially hired Suzi to make my Biography. Now every time I want it updated and tweaked to coordinate with my latest series. 

I send her photos and what I want written and she does it with fast completion. I also have her make flyers for upcoming art shows. She has put lots of pictures of art to be showcased at the art show. I have had clients walk into my show and say I want this one, pointing to the flyer. I wouldn't go to anyone else!"

Sara Sha- 

Artist Website






Lets give your Muse a full tuneup and all the tools to get your life to where you want to be. 


"I know how challenging it is to align the forces in your life to support your creative goals. Let us work together to bring your intention back to self-love, and creating the life you dream of."

Suzi Humbert

Misty Forest Reflection

Schedule your free consultation today!

Suzi Humbert

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