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Faith & Devotion:

Experience devotion and faith through the

art of creating:

  • Faith Paint Nite

  • Retreats

  • Fellowship

  • Creative Worship 



to your Faith &

Health, Wellness, Communication, & Inspiration


Restore your connection to hope through creativity sessions, painting, arts and crafts, and fellowship. 

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" We have been blessed as a congregation to have Suzi come quarterly for the past year sharing her paint experience. This time has been a spiritual experience for all who gather as we explore in deeper ways how God is working in our lives and our work. For those who come, it is powerful and marks some of our largest attended worship services. For me, it has been incredible to see how people of all ages can equally engage is this spiritual practice and come away with a deep and powerful connection to "God.

Rev. Dr. Bryan Franzen




"I know how challenging it is to align the forces in your life to support your creative goals. Let us work together to bring your intention back to self-love, and creating the life you dream of."

Suzi Humbert

Misty Forest Reflection

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Suzi Humbert

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