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"Fire Rose"

Happy USA Independence Day!

I have fallen into bright watercolors and more shiny textures with this latest painting. “Fire Rose” was inspired by the gorgeous vivid colors of spring turning into summer! This is painted with watercolors, acrylic, and metal flake, my new favorite thing to play with besides yarn! Yay! This summer is looking to be a total blast full of colors and sounds.

I updated my Etsy Shop with some graphic art creations, and some of my latest paintings. I am still trying to figure out the best workflow from painting, finishing, framing, posting, Etsy, shipping… I tend to get really distracted and inspired by other things that take my attention away from ‘finishing’. I am TRYING to figure out how to be more aware of this distracted process and how to translate that into finished and sold. Do you have trouble with this, or did you learn the secret to avoiding this distraction thing? Love to know how you deal with it.

Knitting & Fiber Arts:

Knitting classes are underway with Los Gatos Rec, and I have another fun baby blanket party on Saturday. Cannot wait to see how the blanket finishes up. I have been using the Touch of Alpaca Lion brand yarn for these parties because the finished product is easy to care for and the yarn knits up super soft and squishy and that is super great for babies. Do you have a special someone that needs a blanket? Do you want to learn to knit? Lets do both at the same time! Email me for details.


I have been painting like crazy, lots of different things, textures, colors and sizes. The downside is the now I have tons of paintings to find frames and matts for, that is the most un-fun part about painting. I have really enjoyed Canson 18x24 140lb watercolor paper, it has a nice finish, smooth, but still shows off the neat textured effects in watercolor. Framing this paper is a challenge in the piggy bank department. Check out my Patreon page to help!

Art Show:

I am slowly gathering my wits about me to get an art show on the calendar! Yay! Sooooo…. I am feeling it out, and looking for a groovy gallery. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Ok that is a lot! Hope you enjoy the pictures and offerings! This coming week has more album art, the beginnings of “Heartspace Fibers & Dyeworks” the latest addition to my Heartspace Creations enterprise. I will be showing off the results my colorful dye works adventures ! It has been a lifelong goal of mine to be a yarn maker, dyer, knitwear designer and have my own yarn brand, and I am making it happen!





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