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Hand Dyed Yarn! Oh My!

So here is my first attempt at hand dyeing yarn... Well I did attempt this many moons ago, but wasn't happy with the results. Fast forward many moons, I became adventurous to try again!

I am super happy with the soft and warm colors! I have tons of cheap watercolor paints from teaching my painting classes and I have wondered if the paint & water mixture would be a good medium to dye yarn. I always feel bad dumping out some of the lovely mixtures of colors in the water dish.

My goal is to have my own yarn brand and sell kits of my knitted designs too :)

The yarn pictured here is 100% wool lace weight, as it was the only skein I had lying around that is not dyed! The red is a beautiful vibrant color! None of the colors turned out how I thought they would! Which was a huge surprise since I feel like I have a good eye for matching color. I learned that heating longer means more vibrant colors (most of the time as this was not the case of the purples). Next time I will give the gel bakers colors a try on some speckle color ways! #Spinners Do you have some #woollyyarn for me to try?



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