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Slow Down the Time Warp!

I had an amazing and chilling moment during this past week of amazing events and workshops. The story begins when I was 17 years old, almost ready to graduate from high school. I had this discussion with my academic advisor about the career I wanted to pursue. My dream was to become a knitwear & yarn designer, and fine artist. I even went to tour FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in San Fransisco with my Mom. When I learned the cost of tuition, it froze my intention of going into that field, but my heart really took a hit when I decided to go after a different line of work, counseling...

My art career was also scratched out when I did not make the cut to get into advanced art my junior and senior year of high school, a prereq. to enter into fine art studies in college. These major events during my teen years defined much of my young adult life, and now at 34 years young, I am regrouping after 17 years of counseling work, and crafting my way to my goals of living my life full of art, music, yarn, and love!

So here is the time warp... Now I am working with an alpaca heard owner (Shekinahs Alpacas) designing my debut knitwear patterns, and I am teaching watercolor self-love workshops and I am almost done with the book Healing the Heartspace: A Watercolor Healing Journey!

I had this amazing moment during a book talk and signing with Alice Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman Sunday 9/23/18 at Bookshop Santa Cruz. A huge realization hit me that I am doing exactly what I wanted to do with my life... albeit a weird path of events leading me to here... But the truth is that I finally feel whole and able to bring all my passions to light.

So I encourage you to take a moment to checkin with yourself and see if your current path is bringing you the satisfaction you dreamed for in your youth. If all is good, then congratulate yourself for arriving to where you want to be! If not... take a moment and regroup and remember your vision for happiness before the path wound away from your dream... Hold on to this moment, and make little itty bitty steps towards achieving what you dream for in your life!

Hope you enjoy reading!



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