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Spotify.. then Apple music... then Etsy... Can you say Promo please!

Wow! What a day! Started off with an amazing media consultation with THE DUDE Frank Pollifrone (Artist Max) and developed some strategies for music marketing. I have learned the power of Spotify and streaming music players so stay tuned for more on that :)

Send me your Spotify playlists :) here... and here is James Robinson's Colours album.

I also got to work on my Etsy store and I am filled with joy to send off art cards in the mail and see my beautiful handmade things!

hand warmers, orchid art cards, loving heart, red and blue flowers, baby booties
Etsy Store items

I have wanted to be able to make and share my art and creations with the world for so long! It is a dream come true to finally see the fruits of all my labors :)

And just for fun... Here is another cute baby deer picture!

From my heart to yours!



baby deer looking at you

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