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Wow! Awesome 2 weeks!

Oh my! I have been busy! Super exciting and lots of fun stuff going on this holiday season. James Robinson launched his pre-release of New Beginnings & released a single titled Cha Cha Cha.

Photoshoot for Carrie Robinson in the hills of Los Gatos CA. We had a super fun afternoon of being silly, serious, and talking about how to launch dreams! That is my mission now, to help people listen to their heartspace and follow their dreams!

And.... I have been working on my calendar of and classes coming in the new year! Check out the Los Gatos and Saratoga Rec Department for a super fun listing of my classes, workshops, and fun happenings.

And And.... Working on some new paintings! Cuz, you know! I have to make stuff to balance out all the crazy production stuff (and started my production company called Piggy & Hummingbird Productions... check out those videos here...

So much goodness and fun! Can't wait to share my next adventures.



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