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Check Your Spam Folder! Don't miss...

I now have a new email rule; I will check my spam folder weekly to catch important things that should not be landing in the junk pile! I almost missed an amazing opportunity to bring my workshops the the Saratoga/Los Gatos Recreation Departments. Thankfully, I happened to check the spam to locate any important stuff. Before this almost fiasco, I probably checked the junk 2 or 3 times a year... You probably do the same, or never look at all!

Coming to the Winter/Spring Los Gatos & Saratoga Rec. Departments will be my lovely and fun painting and knitting workshops :)

  • Watercolor Self-Love (teen class 14-18) (adult class 19+)

  • Knitting Basics (teen class 14-18) (adult class 19+)

  • Knitting Toolbox I (teen class 14-18) (adult class 19+)

  • Knitting Toolbox II (Spring 2019) (teen class 14-18) (adult class 19+)

Hope you can make it! I will post schedule when it is finalized!



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