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Creative Happenings

Hey all fellow creatives and appreciators! I have been working on getting my websites up to par so I can showcase all the amazing happenings going on in the my world.

Today has been all about getting the streams going... I am always full of so much creativity so finishing is my biggest weakness... But I am making huge strides on this now :) My knitting is an excellent example of this! Yes, I still have too many knitting projects going on... the curse of the knitting bug is strong in me... but I have a new guideline to follow!

Updated Guidelines for Creatives:

  1. Finish a project, any project, before starting a new project :)

  2. Show off project, then start a new project :)

So here is what I've been finishing!

So I have been working on my knitting to keep my hands moving and strengthening.

I'm going to share my wrist warmer cabled pattern on Ravelry so stay tuned for links to that!

Ok, so that is the update for today!



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