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Good Advice- Get yarn winder...

Several years ago I was offered a beautiful wooden yarn winder for free. I did not take it because I thought it would be too time consuming, and who needs another thing to do other than crafting and creating... So I thought... fast forward a few years (almost 10 years I think) I have wished over and over again that I had accepted the wooden yarn winder. So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder (Amazon link) and now I have beautiful yarn "cakes" that pull from the center (Oh My Gosh!) and now I have no more pulling yarn, tangled yarn balls and running after yarn balls... you get the idea. These little cakes sit nicely on the table waiting to be pulled from the center! My hands are so happy now! Thank you #knitpicks

Here are some cuties from my yarn winding adventures these past few days! And a cute deer that has been very curious about my adventures! They are getting so big so quick!



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