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Lovecuddle Blankets

Growing up, Sparky Lovecuddles was the name of our awesome orange dude cat. He lived 19 years as an outside mountain cat. He loved to snuggle, but rarely was let inside because he was an 'outside cat'. Allergies (and my Dads insistence) prevented him from coming inside to snuggle, but when he did sneak in, he purred and snuggled the best purr and snuggle I have ever known from a cat!

So I have named my handmade blankets after Sparky Lovecuddles!

Special thanks to my Mom, Mary Ann Riley, for making my super awesome Heartsease Treasure tags! She totally went DIY and figured out how to make these

tags with the printer. Let me know if you need some of your own personalized tags! I would love to design you some, and my Mom will finish them off for you.

Hope you enjoy my Lovecuddle blankets, and I am accepting orders for baby size, doll size, and lap size.



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